Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts 
1.2 Recognizing Arguments

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Look for indicator words.

Look for an inferential/supportive relationship.

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Simple Noninferential Passages

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Simple Inferential Passages

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Explanandum - The statement that describes the non-controversial event or phenomenon to be explained.
Explanans - The statement or group of statements that supports to do the explaining

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Explanation versus Argument

       This is why an explanation is important.

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Example: If I drink a beer before class, then I’ll feel good.
If (I drink a beer before class) then (I’ll feel good)
Antecedent                           Consequent.
How many statements?  
Conditional Statements:

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Conditional Statements = “If ... then ...”
Sufficient condition; All that is required, enough.
The antecedent of a conditional statement.
Necessary condition; A required condition, although it may not be enough.
The consequent of a condition statement.