Cake & Pastry Quiz

Answer each of the questions below by clicking on the appropriate option. If you make a mistake, read the feedback and answer again.

Question 1
Which of the following flours is commonly used for a flaky pie crust?


Question 2
What ingredients are required to leaven a shortened cake?


Question 3
Angel food cake or Sponge cake are leavened by?


Question 4
The function of cream of tartar in Angel Food cake is?


Question 5
Which of the following is true about creaming fat for cakes?


Question 6
Which of the following pan is recommended for a foam cake?


Question 7
Which one of the following pan arrangements is best for baking of cakes?


Question 8
The presence of egg yolk:


Question 9
Which of the following fats used to make a pastry will result in a mealy crust?


Question 10
The function of a surfactant added to shortening is:


Question 11
The following is true about pastry dough