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1. Long Beach City College

International Student Program (ISP)

2. Welcome to LBCC – ISP

If you last name begins with letters A through M, your advisor is Nelly Delgado. She will issue your I-20, or help you with other questions or problems that you may have while you are a student at LBCC.

You can make an appointment to see the advisor at the International Student Office.

3. Our Student Assistants

4. Understanding F-1 Student Status and the Importance of Maintaining your status

Understand your Immigration Status and the Importance of Maintaining a Valid F-1 Status.

This presentation is about US Immigration Laws governing F-1 student status.

The presentations combines FEDERAL regulations and LBCC policies.

As advisors, we have to follow these regulations and report any violations.

It’s important for students and exchange visitors to understand the concept of immigration status and the consequences of violating that status. Being aware of the requirements and possible consequences will make it more likely that you can avoid problems with maintaining your status.

Failure to maintain status can result in arrest, and violators may be required to leave the United States. Violation of status also can affect the prospect of readmission to the United States for a period of time. Most people who violate the terms of their status are barred from lawfully returning to the United States for years.

Our job is to help you understand these regulations, and to assist you in maintaining your status as F-1 student.

5. Your Visa

What is a VISA?

This is an example of an F1 visa. It probably looks a lot like the visa stamp in your passport. Because this document may have been very difficult for you to get, you may think it is the most important document in establishing your legal status in the US. However, this is not the case.

Your visa gives you permission ONLY to travel to and apply for entry to the US.

It does not give you any permission or rights within the US.

Every visa is issued for a particular purpose and for a specific class of visitor. Each visa classification has a set of requirements that the visa holder must follow and maintain. Those who follow the requirements maintain their status and ensure their ability to remain in the United States. Those who do not follow the requirements violate their status and are considered “out of status.”

If your visa expires,

You can remain and continue your studies in the USA.

You can travel outside the U.S. on expired Visa, but you MUST get new visa to Re-Enter the US.

If your visa is valid longer than your passport is valid, you would continue to carry your expired passport with the valid visa, along with your new passport when you travel.

If you leave the country for more than 5 months, or if you fall out of status and are not reinstated, your visa will be cancelled and you must apply for a new one before returning to the US.

Where can you renew your VISA?

You cannot renew it in the US. You can do that only at US Consulate overseas.

You must pay the I-901 fee every time you apply for

6. Apply for Entry to USA on F-1 Student Status

Entry to the USA on F-1 Visa ?

F-1 Visa = non-immigrant visa status which means:

You are here for one purpose – TO STUDY

You do not have the right to establish residency in the US or in California.

You will hear about students who establish residency after one year. And they pay in state tuition because they are now residents of California for over one year. This is DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU, .. WHY? Because you are in the U.S. under an non-immigrant visa.

You were admitted to the US as an International student. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) allows you to enter and stay in the US for one sole purpose, that is to GO TO SCHOOL AND STUDY. WHAT CAN JEOPARDIZE YOUR STUDENT STATUS?: Unexcused extended absence, failure to enroll and “complete” 12 units each FALL and SPRING semester, ACADEMIC PROBATION (below 2.0 GPA – Low grades), failure to extend your I-20 before the program completion (expiration date), working off campus without authorization from USCIS.

7. Admission to USA and Your I-94 Card

Admission to USA and Establishing Status


This is your admission card into the US and along with your I-20, establish your legal status in the US.

This example shows that the person was admitted in “F1” student status. So He is governed by the rules and regulations guiding F1 students, and he is eligible for all the privileges and benefits extended to F1 students.

Students admitted in F1 status do not normally have expiration dates on their I-94 cards. Instead, you would have D/S “Duration of Status”.

The expiration date of your legal status will appear on your I-20 form (#5 studies completion date).

You need to keep this card stapled to your passport till you depart the USA.

Your I-94 card will be removed from your passport the next time you leave the US. If there is an oversight and the card is not removed from your passport, you may have difficulty returning to the US, so make sure the airline representative removes it before you get on the airplane.

Make sure that your I-94 is stamped with admission date and DOES NOT have an expiration date on it.

IF it is not the case, .. make sure to contact the ISP advisor.

It would be important for you to apply for a change to Student Status before the expiration dat

8. Your LBCC I-20

This is an example of a Form I-20. If you have been admitted in F1 or M1 Student Status, you should have your original I-20 document in your possession.

CLICK: The information in Item #1 is your personal information. Please check it to make sure that the details are correct.

CLICK: The information in Item #2 is our school information.

CLICK Item #3 will show whether you are a new or continuing student.

CLICK Item #4 indicates that the academic program that you admitted to.

CLICK Item #5 is very important. Check it carefully. This shows the program that you will be studying, and the dates that your F1 status is valid.


You must keep your I-20 always up-to-date, meaning your I-20 needs always to reflect the correct major, end dates, ..etc.

If you find that you need more time to study than is indicated on your I-20, we may be able to extend your stay.

In either case, please make an appointment at the ISO to discuss changes or updates to your I-20.

CLICK: The I-20 tracks the location and legal status of the thousands of F1 and M1 students who are studying in the US.

This bar code is scanned every time you enter or leave the US to update the SEVIS database. The database is also updated every time you:

Report to school

Register for classes

Change your major

Drop below full-time status

Apply for permission to work

Change your address


Withdraw from school

And so on.

It’s important that you take care of your I-20! Don’t lose it! It’s crucial to maintaining your status in the US. Your old I-20s may also be requested if you are requesting a benefit or an adjustment in the future, so keep your I-20s even when they expire or you leave the program.

If you are a former ALCI student or a transfer student and you do not have your LBCC I-20 yet, it is your responsibility to request it from the International Student Office.

This morning, you should have submitted all of the documents to our office that we’ve just reviewed: your passport with your visa in it, your I-94 and your LBCC I-20, if you have it. If you left some of these documents at home today, please be sure to bring them tomorrow. We need to make copies of all these documents before your registration appoint

9. Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

SEVIS database:

The Department of Homeland Security has established a database that hold information for every foreign student in the US.

This is called the “Student and Exchange Visitor Information System”, or SEVIS. Once we determined that you were eligible to be admitted to Long Beach City College, we provide information about you to the SEVIS system. This information was used by the SEVIS system to create your form I-20. When you applied for your student visa, the consulate officer also looked at your information in the SEVIS system to help determine if you were eligible for the visa. We keep your information on SEVIS always up to date.

DHS requires you to notify the ISP within 10 days if you have a new address, telephone number or e-mail address. Once you notify us, we report that new information in the SEVIS system.

The college is also required to report your enrollment in the SEVIS system every semester. If we find that you are not enrolled full-time, that information is reported in the SEVIS system.

When you leave the US, apply for visas in the future, or re-enter the US after a vacation period, your SEVIS history may be check

10. F-1 Status Student Rules & Responsibilities

You will find a copy of this page in the pink section of your notebook, or in the “Immigration and US Law” section of the on-line handbook. Please find this page and refer to it during this session.

11. 15 Rules for Success

There are 15 rules that I’ll share with you today to help you follow the laws and succeed as F-1 student.

Remember, your main purpose for entering the USA is to STUDY. So you need to be full time student all the times.

Full-time means that you are registered for 12 units and YOU must maintain 12 units throughout the semester.

What does 12 units mean?

It means a FULL LOAD COURSE OF STUDY. The definition of full load course of study depends on your field of study and your department.

Generally speaking, …. You are NOT ALLOWED to fall below 12 units without special permission from Academic Counselor and only for justified reasons. “Permission must be given before the end of the semester and not aft

12. Full load Course of Study = 12 units

You MUST REGISTER AND COMPLETE 12 units every FALL and SPRING Semester.

Be careful to check the units that you have registered for once you are finished enrolling so that you know for certain that you are registered in 12 units.


YES, you can take more than 12 units, (maximum 18 with No permission needed, .. But not less than 12 units.

Since this is your first semester, you may have difficulty to find classes that fits perfectly in your major or in your educational plan. Do your best to find appropriate classes for your major of study.

Do NOT register for classes that you don’t need.

Consult with your intl. academic advisor or ISP advisor if you have difficulty to find appropriate classes.

Failure to register for 12 unit without consultation, or dropping below 12 units will result in falling “out of status”.

Before you drop any class during the semester, you MUST consult with your academic counselor

Grade of “W” does not count for 12 Units. “F” grade DOES count!

Be aware, that instructor has the right to give your spot if you don’t show up on the first class and/or drop your from class and give you W for lack of attendance

ALWAYS consult with your advisor or counselor BEFORE accepting a “W” from the instructor (expect for #6) or you dropping t

13. Student Self Service

ISP advisor usually do initial reporting to SEVIS within 3 weeks from the start of the semester.

So we have to run reports to verify academic enrollment:

1st. Report is on end of week 2 and we send email reminder to register in 12 units.

2nd Report is on week 3 to verify enrollment for SEVIS registration-Active status.

3rd Report is in mid semester to confirm continued enrollment in full course of study.

4th Report is before the end of the semester for final verification and reporting. Any “W” putting you under 12 units at this point will cause Termination of your SEVIS record (Out of Status)

14. Dropping below 12 units is violation of F-1 Status

With only 3 exceptions, failure to enroll as a full-time student is a violation of F-1 student status.

Our counselor can authorize part-time study if you:

Have difficulty adjusting to the new academic system or the English language.

Are in your final semester before graduation.

Have a valid and certified medical reason.

NONE of these can be authorized after the fact!!!! .. So you must consult with ISP advisor or academic Counselor for determination. NEVER ASSUME!

RCL (under 12 units) is given in writing, must be reported to SEVIS and place in your file here.

Remember that you are considered a part-time student if you are enrolled in 11.5 units or

15. What happens if you drop below 12 units

I know that you will never drop below 12 units consciously, … A LOT OF TIMES IT HAPPENS unintentionally. Yet, the results are the same.


Instructor has the right to drop you from class or give you W for lack of attendance.

Enroll but didn’t attend first session.

You stop going to class, thinking I am okay with F, but then the teacher give you “W”.

You get on Academic Probation – can’t take more than 6 units to raise you GPA, .. BIG TROUBLE.

Consult ISP before deciding to stop class attend

16. Reinstatement

What happened when you take less than 12 units?

You Fall out of Status, … and it may require REINSTATEMENT.

17. Health Insurance

Health care is very expensive in the United States. Our government does not pay for it. You are young and healthy, and you may think that you won’t need health insurance while you are here, but there is no way to know in advance if you will be injured or get sick and will need the care of a doctor, or might even require a hospital stay. Before you know it, the bills begin to add up.

To protect you and make sure that you get the care you need, health insurance is required of every student. Because many of our students have been unable to use their own health insurance in the hospitals and doctors offices in our area, the college now requires all students to purchase health insurance directly from Long Beach city College. Later during orientation, we will learn more about the policy that you will be purchasing before you register for classes.

18. Effective Coverage of Health Insurance

Upon written request from your office, we will submit to the insurance company the request for a student. 

If A student has filed a claim, there will be no return of premium. Should no claim be filed and paid, then consideration of return of premium will be issued minus a processing fee of $50.00.

19. Rule #3: Must NOT enroll in more than 1 Distance Education class per semester

Many courses at LBCC are offered on-line or through distance Learning media. Students find these classes very convenient for variety of reasons.

With all the advantages, and sometimes disadvantages of distance education classes, you MUST know that as International Student, Immigration law limits you to take only ONE distance education class per semester.

No online classes during your first semester.

20. Rule #4: Keep all of your travel documents up-to-date and valid

Your Travel and Immigration documents include:





Keep them up-to-date alwa

21. Rule #5: Have you I-20 signed at least one week before you leave the U.S.

If you plan on traveling outside of the US during your summer or winter break, you must have your I-20 signed by your ISP advisor prior to your departure.

If you do not have a recent signature on your I-20 when you travel, you could have great difficulty returning to the US after your vacation.

Be sure that your passport is also valid for at least six months beyond the day that you plan to return to the US.

Please be sure to request your travel signature at least one week prior to your departure. There is a request form in ISP office you need to fill and give us this week to process.

Because before we grant you this signature on your I-20, we must check your records to be sure that you are in status, that your health insurance is up to date, and that we have your correct SEVIS information. This can take some time, particularly if many people are asking for travel signatures at the same time

22. Rule #6: F-1 Employment: on and off campus

International students are not allowed to work outside the school without permission of both the Department of Homeland Security and the International Student Program.

Working without the necessary permission is a deportable offence.

Do not accept off-campus employment without first obtaining written permission.

You can find more information about your eligibility to work off campus by looking at the on-line International Student Handboo

23. Optional Practical Training (OPT)

To learn more about off-campus employment through Curricular Practical Training or Optional Practical Training, make an appointment to talk with Nassef Girgis

For CPT:

It is allowed only in your second year in College.

It could be paid INTERNSHIP

It must be related to course or class that you are enrolled in.

always apply for authorization in advance and consult with your academic counselor.

For OPT: pre-completion or Post completion.

Apply 90 days before graduation.

The application packet must be mailed and received at the USCIS office before your graduation date, or it will be rejected.

Always ask Your ISP advisor on how to do it.

For any other reasons:

Consult with your ISP advisor.


That any violation of employment rules may have negative effect on your status as F

24. Rule #7: Report any changes of address or personal info to ISP within 10 days

If your address changes, report your new information to the ISO within 10 days of the move. Our office will then submit the new information to SEVIS.

25. Rule #8: Notify ISP if you interrupt or discontinue your education at LBCC for any reason

Contact our office if you will be leaving LBCC either temporarily or permanently. Whether you plan to take a leave of absence, withdraw, graduate early, or transfer to another school, you must notify our office.

26. 60 Days Grace Period After Graduation

Once you graduate, you may remain in the U.S. for up to 60 days, even if your I-20 has expired. You must either depart the US or must have a new I-20 for a higher institution at the end of the 60 day period.

If you do not graduate, you do not have a grace period at all. If you drop out of school, you must leave the US immediately.

27. Rule #10: If you work, file federal income taxes every year you are in the U.S.

You are required to file federal income taxes for each year that you are in the US, regardless of whether you had any income, or whether you worked.

Filing taxes means that between January 1st and April 15th of each year, you must fill out several forms indicating how much money, if any, you earned in the previous year.

This is not as confusing as you may think. There is information in your on-line handbook indicating which forms you may need to file.

Also, the college generally has free tax assistance available during the filing period each yea

28. Rule #11: Report stolen or lost documents immediately to our office

Contact our office immediately if any of your travel documents: your I-20, your I-94 or your passport is stolen. One of our advisors will advise you on replacing any travel documents.

29. Rule #12: Apply for a program extension at least 30 days before your I-20 expires. It is not possible to extend your stay after your I-20 expires.

Most students complete their program of study in the period of time noted on their I-20, section 5. But occasionally a student will need an extra semester or more to complete the program. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO MEET WITH YOUR ACADEMIC COUNSELOR ONCE A SEMESTER! If you think you will need more time to complete your program, you must talk to our international counselor, Judy Oh, as soon as you know this, and at least 30 days before the completion date on your I-20. It is not possible to extend your program after the completion date noted on your I-20.

30. You cannot extend your stay after your document has expired

While studying at Long Beach City College, you must keep your I-20 up-to-date. If you need to continue your studies beyond the date on the I-20, please contact your advisor as soon as you know that you need an extension, and at least 30 days before the document expiration date. Remember that you will find the expiration date in item #5 of your I-20.

31. Rule #13: Be active student and comply with LBCC Standards of Conduct

Now you are LBCC student, we encourage you to be active student. Join International Student Club, or any other club on campus.

You are also required to comply by all students code of conducts, rules and responsibilities.

32. Rule #14: Contact International Student Program (ISP) first with any questions or concerns

Never go to the USCIS Office because most USCIS officers don’t work with student regulations.

We have qualified staff who can help you with all of your questions, so consult them first. If we can not advice you on something, we will encourage you to consult with an Immigration Attorney.

33. Rule #15: Keep yourself informed about your F-1 status.

34. F-1 Status student rules & responsibilities

Now it is a good time to grab this sheet of paper and read the final paragraph and Sign it.

We will collect it and keep a copy in your file at the office and give you the original.

35. Where to get more information

All international students at Long Beach City College are required to have an active e-mail address on-file at the ISP. We send out reminder messages and other important information only via e-mail. You are responsible for checking your messages, and for updating your e-mail address at the ISP when you change your e-mail address.

36. It's Question Time!